Partner Institutions

We thank the Ittleson Foundation and McLennan Design for their generous contributions toward the curriculum development process in 2018-2019.

About the Ittleson Foundation: In l932, Henry Ittleson, the founder of the CIT Financial Corporation, created the Ittleson Foundation to provide a venture capital approach to philanthropy that links creative energy, expertise and focused passion toward outcomes of consequence in the real world. As a small family foundation committed to making a real difference, the Ittleson Foundation is strategic in its grant-making. The Foundation provides seed money for innovative pilot and model programs, new ideas and inspired yet untested new leaders dedicated to serving the needs of the underprivileged. Today the Foundation’s areas of interest are: mental health, AIDS, and the environment. In the Environmental, the focus is on projects that link professional competence with community-based efforts to move society from environmental awareness to environmental activism.

About McLennan Design: McLennan Design is an architecture, planning, and consulting practice that uses an ecological perspective to drive design creativity. The firm was was formed in 2013 with a clear overarching purpose – to make positive change in the world, with a particular focus on deep green, regenerative design solutions as their means. They seek to be global change agents, using design and consulting as a powerful tool for change. Their consulting work assists clients in achieving the highest levels of environmental performance and products that are innovative, low carbon, and environmentally benign. Their design philosophy embraces regenerative design.