Campus Map

Students at SORD have at their disposal on the island an array of amenities and activities that will greatly enhance their learning experience. The campus proper is shown as items A through F on the map above. The main school is housed in the renovated, historic Fort Ward barracks building and is home to the SORD studio spaces, dormitories, and McLennan Design’s office spaces. Adjacent to the main building is a large shed structure that has been converted into the SORD woodshop and workshop space where students can take a hands-on approach in developing their ideas and research. Students have the ability to showcase their research and prototypes in the large central demonstration courtyard which is also open to the local community.

Throughout the campus grounds there are permaculture gardens used for food production that is incorporated into students’ meals by an on-site chef. Students take an active part in food production and harvesting. Two eco-cottages are located on the campus to house visiting professors and guest lecturers and serve as demonstrations of Living Buildings. There is also a parking area that doubles as a demonstration space for the latest in electric vehicle technology.

The adjacent community center is used for larger events, community engagement, and seminars. Smaller events are hosted in the main building common space, which includes a small coffee shop and is also open to community members. The campus sits directly adjacent to the 137 acre historic Fort Ward Park which is full of walking, running, and biking trails, shoreline access for kayaking or scuba diving, and quiet, heavily forested areas for meditation and connection to nature. There is also a boat launch available to students who are interested in venturing out by boat and exploring more of the Puget Sound.


Images of Fort Ward Park



Bainbridge Island

Campus Life

In addition to the amenities provided on the immediate campus, students have behind-the-scenes access to several points of interest on the island. Heron Hall is the first Living Building on Bainbridge Island. Students are invited to explore the residence as a case study in a fully operational Living Building. The School of Regenerative Design also has a collaboration agreement with Islandwood, a nearby school that provides exceptional learning experiences and inspires lifelong environmental and community stewardship. The Tree House is a unique residence built from salvaged materials in the late 1970’s that will be used for student and faculty housing and is in biking distance to the main campus. Walking and biking trails connect all of these amenities with the greater Bainbridge Island parks system, including the Gazam Lake Nature Preserve as well as Blakely Harbor. The campus is a ten minute drive from the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal connecting students to Seattle and the greater Cascadia region.